The KE-YA Wastewater Treatment Plant Project, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

◎ Models Installed:F/FN Series - Submersible Sewage / Effluent Pumps

◎ Description:

In order to improve the living quality of citizens and reduce marine environmental pollution, the Hsinchu City Government has set up the "KE-YA wastewater treatment plant" that can handle 130,000 tons of domestic sewage per day. The purpose is to process residential sewage in Hsinchu City and improve the water quality of the Keya River, promote water conservation, achieve environmental education and sustainable water management.
In this case, the customer performed the maintenance work of the KE-YA wastewater treatment plant. After the sewage tank was used for a period of time, scum accumulated on the upper layer, and sludge accumulated at the bottom of the tank. In order to avoid affecting the capacity of the sewage tank and the possibility of pipeline blockage, the plant applies the HCP Pump F/FN series, Submersible Sewage/Effluent Pumps to clean. Regular cleanup can ensure the smooth operation of the KE-YA wastewater treatment plant and guarantee the quality of life of residents.

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