New Zealand – The Household Sewage Treatment System


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New Zealand has been well-known for its unspoiled nature and picturesque scenery as well as its endeavor to retain the harmony between the natural environment and human activities. It is a country said to value pure water, fresh air, and vast untapped forests over economic development.

As the local drinking water originates from rivers whose water level is subject to rainfall, plenty of local laws are legislated to ensure the sustainability of water supply and natural resources. The local law stipulates that each household must install a small-scale waste water treatment system which can process the leftovers and fruit skin and then discharge the remainder to a public wastewater treatment system.

The given example is taken from a New Zealand local household which adopts a HCP's GF Type Grinder Pump equipped with a float switch as level controller. The wastewater and sewage will be discharged to a domestic wastewater tank. When the water level in the tank reaches certain height, the float switch will activate the grinder pump and the pump will shred any solid objects in the tank to finer pieces and discharge them to the public wastewater treatment system.



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